Most popular bed types in Dubai for best ROI on buy-to-let properties

With a flourishing housing market and economy, Dubai’s Emirate is a sanctuary for real estate buyers searching for properties with strong rental yields. When selecting the best types of properties for investment in Dubai, most buyers consider the number of bedrooms to be just as significant as the venue.

Another good option is District One Villas for sale in Dubai if you do not want to live in an apartment. Villas will get you a good number of rooms along with exclusive parking and additional privacy.

Here are the most common bed styles for high returns in the region.

Property investment in Dubai: The best bed type for apartments

According to the data analysts, 1-BHK apartments in Dubai are the most common property types for rent and sale. The next styles of the bed are 2-bed, studio, 3-bed and 4-bedroom apartments. The fact that rates plummeted across the Dubai real estate rental market may also be the reason why more buyers are searching for larger apartments.

1 bedroom apartments in International City

According to searches performed by customers, 1-BHK apartments and studio apartments in International City are the top of the list for the most sought-after bed styles in purchasing properties. Nakheel’s expat-friendly community features various low-rise clusters focused on countries, such as England, Greece and Morocco. Its place near popular communities, such as Dubai Silicon Oasis and Academic City also adds to buyers and tenants’ attractiveness.

With an ROI of 8.5 per cent, 1-BHK units in the group rank first for Dubai’s best bedforms. The average rental price for 1-bedroom apartments in International City is AED 28k per year. On the other side, 1-bed apartments for sale in International City are reportedly averaged at AED 327k. With property sales rates at an all-time low, now is the perfect time to invest in Dubai, beginning with this inclusive community.

Apart from 1-bedroom apartments, international city studios, with ROI projected at 8.3 per cent, are also in vogue with Dubai buyers. The rented studios in International City have an average rental price of AED 19k. On the other hand, the studios’ average price for sale in International City is AED 231k.

2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Green Community

Concerning 2-bed and 3-bed units, the Green Group is the second-best ROI in Dubai’s purchase-to-lease properties—apparently with an investment return of 8.3 per cent. Real to its name, the residential area is one of the most attractive and green in the city, with its landscaped gardens and well-managed districts. The eco-friendly construction is also lauded for its connection to Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), allowing residents convenient access to the rest of Dubai.

Renting a 2-bedroom apartment in the Green Community will provide renters with an annual average of AED 87k. The average price for the purchasing of 2-bed apartments in the Green Community is AED 1M, a steal given the inclusion of extra space. Looking at Green Neighborhood floor plans will give prospective buyers a greater picture of available configurations.

With ROI at 9%, investors are also drawn to 3-bed units in the eco-friendly community. As to what buyers would be able to spend, renting the bedform in question costs AED 120k on average, while sales prices are AED 1,5M.

4 bedroom flats in the Motor City

The 4-BHK apartments in Motor City are the fifth largest category of properties in Dubai for investment, with an 8.2 per cent ROI. The average rent for 4-bed apartments in Motor City is AED 148k per year. Many involved in purchasing apartments in this neighbourhood setup should expect to spend an average of AED 2.2M.

Variety of options in Port De La Mer Apartments

One of the major reasons behind the intense demand for Port De La Mer Apartments for sale is that it allows the investors to invest at their own convenience. It is one of the few projects in Dubai that offers from 1 bedroom to 5 bedrooms.

These were some of the most enticing apartments in Dubai from investing and living point of views. Get your investments secured with the finest construction in Dubai today!